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Common sense of briquette roller press use

Common sense of briquette roller press use:
1. Before feeding raw material to roller press, a reliable iron removal device must be installed in front of the feeding hopper, otherwise it may cause the roller to be damaged or even a major accident.
2. In order to ensure the normal operation of the roller press, a feeding machine with adjustable feed quantity must be used before the material enters the equipment.
3. All associated auxiliary equipment must be start-up and shut down with the briquette roller press.
4. After normal operation of the equipment, regular inspections should be made to confirm the connection parts are firm.
5. When replacing the bearing, the radial clearance of the bearing should be adjusted, and the bearing clearance should meet the standard.
6. The lubrication points of the fixed bearing seat and the sliding bearing seat of the roller press shall be oiled on time to ensure that 80% of the grease is retained in the cavity. When the transmission support is refueling, the grease on the pre-press device should be extruded from the shaft end. The purpose is to exclude the entry of dust and damage the bearing.
7. Hydraulic oil pump and oil filter should be cleaned after using for one month. After an effective working period of 3 to 6 months, customer should clean the oil tank and replace it with a new one. The winter temperature of the hydraulic station should be not less than 5 degrees Celsius.
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