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Briquette roller press to promote the use of clean coal

The extensive use of coal in China is one of the important causes of atmospheric pollution. Our country has fully realized this. Therefore, in recent years, many areas in China have begun to vigorously promote and use clean coal. Briquetting technology is one of the main ways to solve the cleanup of civil coal.
Compared with raw coal, coal briquettes are more fully burned and more efficient in combustion and utilization. Meanwhile, the emission of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants is greatly reduced. Therefore, clean briquette has a very good application prospect.
The coal briquette production line is favored by more and more investors, and the coal briquette roller press is one of the main equipment in the coal briquette production line.
Compared with other coal cleaning technologies, briquette roller press technology has a simple operation, good molding quality, large production capacity, and relatively low investment. It is very suitable for large-scale coal enterprises and coal-related enterprise. Many coal companies have begun to invest in coal cleaning technology.
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