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The forming process for coal briquette production line

The ball press equipment, also named as coal briquette making machine. It is used for compressing various powder such as industrial wastes, metal scraps, and other difficult pressed materials into solid briquettes for re-using. The finished briquettes are easy to transport, economical and environmentally friendly.
Usually, the coal briquette production is consist of four processes:
1. Crushing
For the coal ball press machine, the applicable raw material diameter size should be less than 5mm. Sometimes, the size of raw material is large which can not feed into coal briquette making machine directly. In this situation, the crushing equipment is necessary.
2. Drying for raw material
The most suitable moisture content of raw material is 8~12%. If the humidity is higher, the dryer is necessary. It can reduce raw material moisture into suitable for supporting briquetting.
3. Mixing
After the raw material are crushed, they enter the dosing feeder. In the manufacturing process of briquetting, binder is necessary. The mixing equipment can ensure the binder and raw material are mixed evenly.
4. Briquetting
The coal briquette press machine can be used to press coal powder etc. into solid briquettes to facilitate processing or transportation. As a kind of pulverized coal forming equipment, ball pressing machine is a kind of equipment developed in accordance with the market. The quality of the equipment also determines the quality of the finished briquettes. Therefore, users must be cautious in the process of choosing and purchasing.
5. Drying for finished briquettes.
For the finished briquette, it needs to be dried. As for the drying, there are two methods. One is to use a dryer for mechanical drying. Another is natural drying, which is greatly affected by the weather. While, if client choose drying by dryer machine, the investment will be large.
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