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The role of lubricant for the roller briquette press

The roller press is a equipment to compress powder materials into solid briquettes. The main body of the raw material used is steel, iron, which is easy to rust. Thus, the lubricants is widely used in this device, such as rollers, bearings, and external to the host etc. Good lubricant can reduce roller press loss and prolong service life. It is very important for the equipment.
The role of the lubricant:
* Reduce wear: lubricants are used on the surface of the body where friction often occurs, which can reduce wear of rigid materials to surface or corrosive materials. It can also support the loss caused by bite welding and tearing between the metal surfaces, thus forming a good lubrication effect, avoiding damage to the oil film, maintaining the matching accuracy of the parts, and prolonging the overall use time of the equipment such as ball pressing machines for the ore powder.
* Reduce temperature: in the process of cold rolling, hot rolling, cutting, grinding and drawing, the use of lubricating oil can play the role of cooling, and the corresponding lubrication measures are adopted in the use of the roller press and other equipment, and the coefficient of friction can be reduced. The centralized circulating lubrication system of liquid lubricants can take away the heat produced during the work of the machine body, reduce the sharp increase of temperature caused by friction, control the equipment in the required temperature range, and then reduce the possibility of damage to the equipment due to the increase of temperature.
* Clean flush: roller press and other equipment will generate certain wear particles and foreign media during the work process. If they are not cleaned in time, they will accelerate the wear of the friction surface. The use of lubricants can use the fluidity of the liquid to remove abrasive particles on the friction surface, thus reducing the roller press wear condition, but also keep the roller briquette machine clean.EP roller for briquette press machine