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How to choose the base for mineral powder briquette machine ?

Mine powder forming machine, also named as mineral/metal powder briquette making machine. It main purpose is to compress various powder into solid briquette with different shape, such as ball, bread, oval shape etc. Due to the mineral powder is hard and not easy to form, the roller type briquette machine is under huge pressure during the pressing process. A good base for mineral powder briquette machine can ensure the briquette press work more stable and safe. So, as a professional manufacturer of ball shape pressing machines, how to choose the base material to meet the needs of different customers ?
All-steel base is the most commonly used, most economical and scientific material for base design of mineral powder press ball machine. After strict testing, this base can withstand the weight of the entire body during the pressing of mineral powder, provide enough bottom support and make the machine working more stable.
The mineral powder briquette machine, manufactured by E.P company, the whole part is made of steel. In addition, the material undergoes the hardening treatment and heat treatment process, which enhances the wear resistance and compressive performance. The treated steel has characteristics such as high toughness, high density etc., and can fully adapt to changes of the pressure.
All-steel base ball press equipment has high mechanical strength and waterproof and damp proof performance. It can minimize the impact of these external factors on the working performance of the equipment under changing weather conditions such as high temperature, severe cold and heavy rain. To ensure the normal operation, reduce the loss of equipment and the possibility of malfunction due to external environmental impact.
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