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Brief Introduction of Rotary Drum Dryer

Composed of gyrorotor, lifting plate, transmission gear, back-up unit and sealing ring, rotary drum dryer made by E.P Machineris a dryer that slightly inclined to the horizontal direction while raw material is added from the higher end. The high-temperature smoke enters the cylinder in parallel with the raw material. As the cylinder rotates, the raw material runs to the lower end of the barrel due to gravity. On the inner wall of the cylinder, a shovelling board is installed to raise and spill the raw material, so that the contact area of the material and the air flow is increased. The dried product is collected from the bottom of the dryer.
Our machine adopts hot-blast stove as heating medium, can obtain higher volume evaporation rate and thermal efficiency compared with common dryer. For example, raw material with a high moisture content, when the gas inlet temperature is 300 degrees, the volume evaporation rate of the dryer is 5 kg/M3/h and the thermal efficiency is 30% to 50%; if the gas inlet temperature is 500 degrees, then Volumetric evaporation rate is 35kg/M3/h and thermal efficiency is 50%-70%. Therefore, when drying of ore, sand-shuo, coal, and calcium phosphorus sulphate, combustion furnace with direct flue gas generation device is necessary. The gas fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, etc.