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DRI fines roller press

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Applicable materials: DRI fines, iron dross, sponge iron, FGD gypsum

Capacity: 6 tons/h
Application field: metallurgy

DRI fines roller press


Twin shaft roller press is developed and updated briquetting technology based on our briquetting experiences. Adopt specially designed reducer to reduce the rotation speed of the machine to generate much more pressure on the materials.

There are four main parts of E.P DRI fines roller presses.

1. feeding part, the function is to feed the materials in an average speed to the machine.

2. transmission part, it consists of motor, coupling and reducer.

3. molding part includes shafts, bearings and rollers.

4. discharging part has one small motor and discharging conveyor.  

 final products
1. Adopt the advanced transmission system and special gear box, the machine runs stably without noise.  
2. Adopt the twin driving shafts design, it generates high pressure than common type roller press.  
3. Unique proposals can be offered according to customers’ needs.
4. Adopt the high quality alloy steel rollers to expand the service time.
5. Turnkey project of compacting iron dust project can be offered by E.P Machinery.
6. CNC center processes the rollers to ensure the accuracy.
Technical datas
Model Capacity (T/H) Transmission power(KW) Roller size(MM) Weight(T) Size(M)
HSYQD-650 6 75 650*200 13 4.50*4.35*2.85
The whole production line proposal can be offered by E.P Machinery, the associated equipments will includes proportion hoppers, mixer, twin-shaft roller press, briquette drying machine, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, PLC panel and so on. (See the processflowchart)