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Fertilizer briquetting

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Applicable materials: any kinds of fertilizer powders that need to be pressed.
Capacity: 1-20 tons/h
Matched equipments: crusher, mixer, conveyor, pre-pressing machine, PLC Panel.
Market: Europe, South Asia, America.

Fertilizer briquetting

If people want to press the chemical fertilizer powders into ball shape briquettes, such as potassium chlorate, NPK, etc, how to choose the forming machine, now one special model roller press can do the job exactly.
Chemical fertilizer means the combined fertilizers which are mixed with mineral ores, acid, synthesis ammonia and many kinds of components. It can supply the nutrient elements to the plants and crops,  such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, sluphur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, chlorine, etc. 
Based on the complicated chemical mixture, we need to use one kind of special briquetting plant to compact it, the pressure can neither too small nor too big. E.P Machinery designed some models to process these kinds of fertilizer powders.
Model Capacity T/H Motor power KW Roller sizeMM Weight T Size M
HSYQH-450 8 37 450*250 6.3 3*2.80*2.60
HSYQH-500 15 37 500*300 6.1 3*2.20*2.60
HSYQH-650 18 45 650*300 10 3*2.50*2.60
HSYQH-750 20-22 55 750*300 11 3*2.50*2.60
Features of fertilizer roller press
To use our fertilizer briquette press, it can mix all the above components in one unit and feed the plant, it ensures the utility more higher and efficiently.
1. High automation degree
2. Less handwork
3. High finished products ratio
fertilizer roller briquette machine  roller briquette machine