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quicklime dust roller press

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Applicable materials: lime dust, dolomite dust, aluminum wastes, manganese powders and light dry powders.
Capacity: 1-8 tons/h
Application field: metallurgy, steel plant.
Configuration: Hopper, conveyor, pre-press machine.

quicklime dust roller press

The quicklime dust roller press is mainly to convert the lime particles and dust produced from limestone kiln into shaped briquettes for calcium carbide plant and steel plant use. It is also used in dolomite dust and other mineral ore powders forming industries.  
 EP quicklime briquette press machine
1. Adopt the advanced transmission system, the roller press runs much more stably.
2. Installed with hydraulic system to increase the compressing pressure, it ensures the high pressure for the dust materials.
3. Adopt the force feeding system, the feeding speed can be adjustable according to actual needs, which ensures the feeding work evenly and continuously, furthermore, it has the function of pre-pressing before forming.
4. Adopt the superior quality alloy steel rollers to expand the service time.
5. Turnkey project can be offered by E.P Machinery.
6. CNC center processes the core parts, and the rollers adopts the forging materials.  
Technical datas:
model main power capacity weight dimension roller size roller materials finsihed shape finished size Hydraulic system
HSYQS520 55kw 3-5 tons/h 15tons 3.4*3.6*2m 520*240mm CrMo alloy oblate ¢45mm, Thickness 25mm yes
HSYQS740 90kw 5-8 tons/h 28tons 4.4*4.3*2m 740*225mm
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