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Roller pressing machine for FGD gypsum powder

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Applicable materials: desulphurization gypsum, brown coal, fly ash

Capacity: 20 tons/h
Application field: metallurgy, construction field.

Roller pressing machine for FGD gypsum powder


E.P special model roller presses can compress desulphurization gypsum dust into briquettes with good hardness, the finished products ratio is extremely high.

The desulfurized gypsum dust, generated from power plant becomes an new issue for people. So how to utilize the FGD gypsum dust? Use E.P roller press to compact these dust into briquettes, which can be easily loaded and do not be broken, the formed FGD gypsum is widely used as retarder in cement manufacturing factories and other construction field.

roller pressing machine for gypsum dust
1. Adopt the advanced transmission system, the roller press runs much more stably.
2. Adopt the twin driving shafts design, it generates high pressure than common type roller press.  
3. Unique proposals can be offered according to customers’ needs.
4. Adopt the high quality alloy steel rollers to expand the service time.
5. Turnkey project of compacting FGD gypsum dust project can be offered by E.P Machinery.
6. CNC center processes the rollers to ensure the accuracy.

Technical datas:
Model Capacity (T/H) Transmission power(KW) Roller size(MM) Weight(T) Size(M)
HSYQM-400 10 37 400*400 4 2.50*2.35*1.85